Compare Kwun Tong, Kowloon Bay & San Po Kong Coworking Spaces [2022 LATEST UPDATE]

Compare Kwun Tong, Kowloon Bay & San Po Kong Coworking Spaces [2022 LATEST UPDATE]

Must read for start-ups – How should you compare San Po Kong, Kowloon Bay & Kwun Tong coworking spaces?

Nowadays, there are more and more coworking spaces in Hong Kong, and it is becoming more diversified in terms of format. In addition to space sharing, knowledge, culture, and technology are also shared. For example, due to the gathering of SMEs from different industries, the Chamber of Commerce culture, seminars, music and arts exchanges, conferences and parties etc. are created. As Kowloon East is a popular place for shared spaces, we will focus on introducing the options, surrounding environment and transportation for San Po Kong (SPK), Kowloon Bay, and Kwun Tong coworking offices.




Kwun Tong is the main venue for many coworking offices. The transportation is very convenient, and there are many Kwun Tong coworking places where buses and minibuses can reach. Most of them are very close to the MTR station and only about 5-7 minutes’ walk; and some Kwun Tong coworking spaces have sea view with cruise terminal view. Most of the decor is stylish, chill and energetic; Kwun Tong coworking space are of more diversified format, with basic facilities and services including meeting rooms, email service and free internet access.

There are many choices of restaurants nearby, either inside industrial buildings or at the street, with price ranging from low end to high end.

Price Range [2022 LATEST UPDATE]

  • One-day pass from HK$100 to $200
  • Mobile desk from HK$2500 to $3000 per month
  • Private Kwun Tong offices from HK$3000 to $4000 per person per month


However, even if Kwun Tong coworking spaces are convenient, the area is very crowded and there are often people and vehicles occupying the roads together. Also, the air is generally quite poor, especially at lunch time when there are too many people gathered, almost every restaurant is full. People may not get their food immediately even they are hungry.

Coworking Space in Kwun Tong mainly around Hoi Yuen Road

Coworking Space in Kwun Tong are mainly around Hoi Yuen Road. Transportation is convenient but always too crowded and air is generally polluted.



In the old days, the area was known as a primarily industrial area. As industry gradually declined, most of the buildings are changed for office leasing purposes. In addition, the nearest MTR station to the industrial is Diamond Hill Station. There are also many buses and minibuses that also go through the streets of San Po Kong. Therefore, transportation in Coworking spaces within the area are also considered convenient, much better than that of Kowloon Bay coworking spaces. In addition, with the opening of the Shatin-Central Link, many industrial buildings will be converted into new high-end and fashionable offices to capture the people flow brought by Shatin-Central Link.

At present, the number of choices of coworking spaces in SPK is relatively more abundant than that of Kowloon Bay, but less than Kwun Tong coworking offices. But the design of coworking spaces in SPK still demonstrates a wide variety ranging from brand new modern style likeINFINITE .聚】, and more traditional business styles and industry specific types such as Designeroooms. There are also a wide variety of restaurants choices, ranging from major chain restaurants to small stylish ones. Large shopping malls are also nearby, including Hollywood Plaza in Diamond Hill, Mikiki, and about 7 minutes to walk to Wong Tai Sin Center. Many facilities are also nearby and very convenient.

Brand new coworking space【INFINITE 創.聚】at Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong. The picture shows reception and common area.


  • One-day pass from HK$100 to $150
  • Mobile desk from HK$1000 to $1750 per month
  • Private SPK offices from HK$1200 to $2000 per month per month


The potential of San Po Kong is unlimited. While Shatin-Central Link is the near term catalyst, the Kai Tak Development Plan is the longer term guarantee, and boasts a much better transportation network than Kowloon Bay coworking spaces and offices. The potential people flow in the next 10 years becomes the first choice for startups.

Coworking Space in San Po Kong mainly around Tai Yau Street and Ng Fong Street

Coworking Spaces in SPK are mainly situated near Tai Yau Street and Ng Fong Street, at the centre of Shatin-Central Link and Kai Tak Development Area, which is full of development potential. It is close to Exit A2 of Diamond Hill MTR Station and Choi Hung Transport Terminal and the transportation is very convenient. There are variety of banks and restaurants ranging from major chain restaurants in large shopping malls to small stylist ones at the streets. East Kai Tak Playground for relaxing is just at walking distance.



The choice of Kowloon Bay coworking spaces is relatively less than that of Kwun Tong coworking spaces. The decoration design is fashionable, chill and tiny and the basic facilities are also in place. Some Kowloon Bay coworking spaces or shared offices have garden-style balconies. When one has been working for a long time, they can sit on the balcony and why can’t new inspirations emerge?

In addition, some Kowloon Bay coworking spaces offer virtual offices suitable for start-ups that only need a registered company address. Since the MTR station is surrounded by residential buildings and shopping malls, the Kowloon Bay coworking spaces are far from the MTR Station or can only be reached by bus. The choices of restaurants are adequate, having Mega Box, Enterprise Square and Telford shopping centres nearby.

Price Range [2022 LATEST UPDATE]

  • One-day pass from HK$90 to $150
  • Mobile desk from HK$1200 to $1800 per month
  • Private Kowloon Bay offices from HK$2000 to $3500 per month per month


Transportation around Kowloon Bay coworking spaces are not considered convenient, but the streets are relatively more spacious than SPK or Kwun Tong coworking spaces. You can also relax in the nearby green park (Zero Carbon Building).

Coworking Space in Kowloon Bay mainly around Sheung Yuet Road

Kowloon Bay coworking spaces are mainly situated on Sheung Yuet Road. Transportation is not considered convenient, but streets are relatively more spacious.

San Po Kong Kowloon Bay Kwun Tong
Major location Ng Fong Street, Tai Yau Street Sheung Yuet Road Hoi Yuen Road
  • Close to Choi Hung Transport Terminal with access by different bus and mini bus lines
  • Only 5-7 minutes from Diamond Hill MTR Station
  • Most Kowloon Bay coworking spaces are far from the MTR station with more than 10 minutes’ walk
  • Most Kowloon Bay shared offices can only be accessed by bus
  • Kwun Tong coworking offices offer convenient transportation with access by bus and mini-bus
  • Only 5-7 minutes’ walk from Kwun Tong MTR Station
  • Choice of coworking space is relatively limited with most having traditional office design
  • Relatively less coworking spaces with stylish design, as such office/ coworking spaces with chic design will be highly sought after
  • Tiny and modern design
  • Mostly with basic facilities
  • Choice of both modern and traditional design
  • Equipped with office facilities
Options on F&B / shopping malls
  • Wide selection of F&B options, from chain restaurants to unique local ones offering special flavours
  • Variety of choices on large-scale shopping malls, including Hollywood Plaza, Mikiki, and Wong Tai Sin Center
  • Fine options on F&B, nearby Mega Box, Enterprise Square and Telford Plaza
  • Wide selection of low-end and high-end F&B options
Average charges
  • One-day pass from HK$100 – $150
  • Hot desk from HK$1,000 – $1,750 per month
  • Private office from HK$1,200 – $2,000 per person per month
  • One-day pass from HK$90 – $150
  • Hot desk from HK$1,200 – $1,800 per month
  • Private office from HK$2,000 – $3,500 per person per month
  • One-day pass from HK$100 – $200
  • Hot desk from HK$2,500 – $3,000 per month
  • Private office from HK$3,000 – $4,000 per person per month
General comments
  • Unlimited potential with Shatin-Central Link and Kai Tak Development, which is expected to draw increased population traffic and office demand in the coming 10 years
  • First choice for startups
  • Convenient transportation and nearby major banks and F&B outlets
  • Relatively cheaper options on coworking space, making it the first choice among Kowloon office/ coworking space offering great value for money
  • Kowloon Bay coworking spaces or offices do not enjoy convenient transportation, but does have spacious streets
  • Relatively higher cost than SPK offices/ coworking spaces
  • Convenient transportation but very crowded with high density of population and vehicles
  • Air generally more polluted
  • Long queuing time during lunch
  • Higher cost on office/ coworking space
Rating ****** *** ****


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