Consultancy services

Our partners are carefully selected by us to provide top edge services for you to focus moving forward with your creativity and career development plan. Please listen to our following prestigious tenants. 


“INFINITE 創.聚is not only a place to start a business, but also to help us find the accounting partner, so that we can concentrate on developing our business without any worries.”

Tenant A


“INFINITE 創.聚regularly holds different seminars that are relevant to our business development. Recently, we have taken a class about Chatbot, which keeps us up to date on the latest IT applications for business development.”

Tenant B


“INFINITE 創.聚has not only brought together a group of Hong Kong stsrtups and entrepreneurs, but also attracted a group of entrepreneurs from France, the Philippines, Nepal and Shanghai. Here you will see the miniature of the world’s vision.  Feel the entrepreneurial spirit of everyone, and let me encourage each other on the road to entrepreneurship. INFINITE 創.聚will gather with us to hold business development seminars in common area and use INFINITE 創.聚to create a platform to promote business!”

Tenant C


“Among many Coworking Spaces, we have chosen INFINITE 創.聚because we have a common philosophy with INFINITE 創.聚. We believe that we must also have social responsibility while making money!”

Tenant D


“INFINITE 創.聚actively cares about the tenant business needs, which provides comprehensive support for our youth development projects, including Coworking Space conference rooms, lecture halls and their online and offline promotion platforms.”

Tenant E

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